Actions: Navigation

go screen

Switches the visible screen to the specified screen.

Argument Description
Screen Select a Variable or a ScreenName to tell Appli where to navigate.

Variable: The variable may contain either a screen ID (UUID) or a screen name.

ScreenName: Select a screen from a list of screen names.

launch url

Allows APPLI to launch a URL to their respective applications. It opens the default applications based on the custom URL schemes. .

Argument Description
URL Given URL scheme (sms:, tel:, http:, https:, file:) that is handled by the default app (variable, input, text or field element).An example of an URL scheme to open the phone app would be tel:7141234567.

http: and https: URLs, which launch in the default browser application if available.
file: URLs, which open the file in the associated application if available.
tel: URLs, which open the dialer with a given phone number.

Other examples:
On macOS you can open the system preferences and jump to the Privacy tab.
launch url””

On mobile you can send an SMS:
launch url(“sms:”tMobile”?body=“tMessage)

Useful links that provide other examples:

Launching URLs will take your user to another app if the app is installed.
Output Optional status message that checks if an application exists to handle the URL scheme.

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