Keyboard Shortcuts

Appli has extensive keyboard shortcuts support. Learning them can speed up your development process.

General shortcuts

Key Combination Function
V hide/show thumbnail view.
Shift-O Alternate orientations.
o hide/show off screen elements.
ESC toggle Pointer/Player mode.
Shift-P Engages pointer mode when you had previously selected an element.

Copy/paste/cut operations

Key Combination Operation
CMD-C Copy.
CMD-V Paste.
CMD-X Cut.

Selection manipulation

Key Combination Function
CMD-A Select all.
Shift-CMD-A Deselects all.

Undo/Redo management

Key Combination Function
CMD-Z Undo.
Shift-CMD-Z Redo.

Left Pane

Switching between the various tabs on the left pane can be done with simple keyboard shortcuts.

Key Combination Function
CMD-D show data manager.
Shift-CMD-Y show asset manager.
CMD-Y show project browser.


Creating a good design might require one to use multiple combinations of snapping, guidelines, and measuring. These shortcuts will help you handle guideline management with ease.

Key Combination Function
Tab Show distance to screen edge.
Space Do not use guidelines and snapping.
G Toggle Fixed Guidelines.
~ Prevents elements from snapping to the normal guidelines.
Option/Alt Displays measurements when an element is selected.

Elements selection

Learning the element keyboard shortcuts will speed up your development workflow. Quickly change what element type is selected without the need to move the mouse to the toolbar.

Key Combination Element
a create account.
b button.
c camera.
d dropdown menu.
e ellipse.
f label/text field.
h header.
i image.
k log in.
l line.
m map.
r rectangle.
s search.
t input Field.
u tab menu.
x switch button.
Shift-B browser.
Shift-F form.
Shift-H footer.
Shift-L layout.
Shift-M media.
Shift-R radio button.
Shift-T table.

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